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The all-in-one Photo/Video Rig

that fits in your pocket!



Hand-held Stabilizer, Remote Control,

Tripod Mount, and more...



Who's Using GRIP&SHOOT?

It’s so simple to use.


JawZ holds ANY Phone!

Everyone likes their own case or no case at all. Keep your phone the way it is and quickly mount it to GRIP&SHOOT using our universal adapter. JawZ's spring-loaded rubber grips hold your phone safe and secure.

JawZ can hold ANY phone or case (up to 3.5" wide).


Download the app.

GRIP&SHOOT works with the free "GRIP&SHOOT" camera app available on iTunes or Google Play.


Start shooting.

Start the GRIP&SHOOT App, squeeze the trigger to wake the grip, and you are ready to capture perfect pictures and video.

GRIP&SHOOT is open source.

We want developers!

The GRIP&SHOOT System was designed with an open API so App Developers may utilize all the features of the Bluetooth Smart Grip. GRIP&SHOOT is not only for Camera Apps! The buttons on our grip can be ported to Gaming Apps, Utility Apps, or any App that would benefit from the comfort and power of our system. The possiblities are endless!

Please complete the form below to gain access to our Developer Website.

Learn more about the GRIP&SHOOT.