Download the Grip&Shoot App

GRIP&SHOOT adds everything your mobile device is missing. Comfort, stability, and full on-handed control are now within reach. Wirelessly control Zoom, Exposure, White Balance, Video Modes, and dozens of other features with the Smart Grip. It's the most powerful Hand-held Stabilizer and Bluetooth Controller that fits in your pocket.

Other Compatible Grip&Shoot Apps

645 PRO Mk III has been designed, from the ground up, for professional and serious amateur photographers. So it works the way a camera works—and it’s the most powerful camera app we’ve ever seen! You have instant access to everything that can be controlled on an iOS camera.
PureShot is your top-quality filter-free (or #nofilter) app. It helps you capture digital photographs with the highest possible technical integrity—no other app can beat it! You can then process these on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or your computer, with no image processing taking place in-app. You have instant access to everything that can be controlled on an iOS camera.
Vizzywig 4K is the first all-in-one movie-making application that combines recording and editing in the camera view. Multicamera Recording and Live Switching in HD, 4K and now 5K. With our new Universal Picker, you can select, edit, transform and import multiple photos and videos (in order) in one step from Albums, Dropbox, Digital Cameras and more. 
Teleprompt+ 3 is the industry-leading professional teleprompter for iOS. Featuring a brand-new design and a ton of new features, Teleprompt+ 3 is perfect for presenters, students, teachers, broadcasters, podcasters, filmmakers, musicians, business professionals, or anyone who would benefit from having a powerful visual aid while engaged in a public speaking activity.