Your phone’s new favorite accessory.

GRIP&SHOOT adds everything your mobile device is missing. Our Smart-Grip is easily attached and provides instant comfort and stability. Wireless buttons now provide you with full one-handed control without ever having to touch your screen.

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JawZ Adapter

Everyone has a different phone or case. JawZ expands 3.5" to hold all of them safe and secure.

Bluetooth Smart

Our Bluetooth Smart technology connects instantly when the G&S App is opened. You have full control of your device over 100ft away.

+/- Buttons

Press to wirelessly control Zoom, Exposure, Video Modes, or dozens of other features within the GRIP&SHOOT App.

Removable Stand

Slide the Removable Stand off the lower section of the Grip. Stand your phone up anywhere or use it to connect to any tripod.

iPhone/Android Compatible

GRIP&SHOOT works for both iPhone & Android devices. Scroll down to find your device listed.


Squeeze to instantly capture your media. Use the Grip as a hand-held stabilizer or to remotely control your device from afar.

TPE Rubber Grips

Rubber sides conveniently add comfort and no-slip security. Never lose your Grip; especially during those tricky shots.

Open Source

We're always looking for Developers who might add more innovative Apps to our compatible library. Fill out a Contact Form to get started!

Go remote.

Transform the GRIP&SHOOT from Hand-Held to Remote Mode in seconds. Detach the Removable Stand and mount your phone anywhere or attach it to any tripod. The remainder of the Grip now serves as a remote so you still have full control of your device from afar.

Wirelessly control your phone over 100ft away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my phone work with GRIP&SHOOT?

GRIP&SHOOT is compatible with all iOS and Android devices that support Bluetooth 4.0. Find your device listed below:

  • iPhone: 5, 5c, 5s, SE, 6/6s, 6+/6s+, 7/7+
  • iPod: 3rd Gen and newer
  • iPad: 3rd Gen and newer
  • iPad Mini: All supported
  • Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S7
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3, 4, 5, 7
  • Google Pixle
  • HTC One

How do I get started?


It’s so simple! First download the free GRIP&SHOOT App, insert your phone into JawZ, start the App, squeeze the Trigger, and start shooting! Feel free to download our user manual here: User_Manual.pdf


What Apps work with GRIP&SHOOT?

We are constantly expanding our App library to add more and more compatible software. Click the "Apps" tab above to view the full list!

Why isn’t my phone working with GRIP&SHOOT?

First, let's make sure the GRIP&SHOOT has power:

     1. Let the Grip sit alone for 1 minute then squeeze the trigger and see if the Blue LED blinks. If it doesn't, you’ll need to install a new battery.

     2. Our battery change video can be found here: Battery Change Video

Now, let's check the Settings on your device:

     1. Go to Settings > Bluetooth and make sure your Bluetooth is turned on.

     2. Go to Settings > Scroll all the way down to GRIP&SHOOT and make sure all the buttons are Green.

Does GRIP&SHOOT use Batteries?

GRIP&SHOOT is Bluetooth Low-Energy and powered by a single 2032 Coin Cell Battery. One battery lasts over 200 hours. To replace the battery, please watch our video here: Battery Change Video

645 Pro or Pureshot not connecting?

No problem! You must enable GRIP&SHOOT compatibility first.

1. Please open the 645 or PureShot App.

2. Now go to: Menu > Advanced > External Hardware > GRIP&SHOOT